We are more than just yoga and fitness classes here at Harmony Health. We offer classes, coaching, special events and workshops. Each month we will host a regular workshop on topics like nutrition, meditation, chakras, ayurveda, essential oils and so much more. It is a great chance for you to discover more on your path to wellness and to tap into the community and resources Harmony Health has to offer you. All Workshops take place at our Harmony Health location, 4540 Princess Anne Rd. Suite 109 with the exception of
The {Be} Studio workshops held at The {Be} Studio, 1213 Laskin Rd. Suite 208
“Living from the Heart” event at the Central Library on Virginia Beach Blvd.

2018 Workshop Schedule

The {Be} Studio Workshops 2:00-3:30pm Sunday Jan 7, Saturday Jan 13, Sunday Jan 21, Saturday Jan 27 FREE
“Living from the Heart” 6:00-8:30pm Monday February 20 Central Library Donation to the American Heart Association
Wheel Workshops 2:00-3:30pm Saturday Feb 24, Sunday April 22, Sunday Aug 26, Sunday Nov 4 $35 (members 30% off)
Meditation 2:00-3:30pm Sunday March 4 $35 (members 30% off)
Nutrition 2:00-3:30pm Saturday March 24 $35 (members 30% off)
Chakras 2:00-3:30 Saturday April 14 $35 (members 30% off)
Dance Trance & Margaritas 5:00-8:00pm Saturday May 5 $35 (members 30% off)
Essential Oils First Aid Kit 2:00-3:30pm Sunday May 20 $35 (members 30% off)
Dance party members night 4:00-8:00pm Saturday September 8 FREE (bring a dish and drink)
Meditation 2:00-3:30pm Sunday September 23 $35 (members 30% off) included in Yoga Teacher Training
Chakras 1:00-4:00pm Sunday October 7 50 (members 30% off) included in Yoga Teacher Training
Anatomy & Physiology 12:00-5:00pm Saturday October 20 & Sunday October 21 $250 (members 30% off) included in YTT
Yin Yoga 12:00-5:00pm Saturday November 17 & Sunday November 18 $250 (members 30% off) included in YTT
Ayurveda 2:00-5:00pm Saturday December 1 $50 (members 30% off) included in Yoga Teacher Training
Ladies Night Pajama Party 4:00-8:00pm Saturday December 29 FREE (bring a dish and drink)
Yoga Teacher Training begins Friday September 7, we meet Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Saturday December 15. Ask Catie for details.