Lifestyle Programs

Here at Harmony Health we want to help optimize your health. We have workshops focused on healthy living. Our monthly topics include nutrition, meditation, essential oils, chakras, yoga wheel, yoga asana, dance, community building and so much more.
Our members truly are the best and we truly do believe that the more we get to know one another the happier and healthier we are. Our workshop and special events schedule features programs that we think build up our members as individuals and as a community.

2018 Workshops & Special Events

Stay tuned! Our 2018 workshop and special events calendar will be posted soon!
If you thrive in a group setting, sign up for our next workshop. If you excel in a one to one setting, let’s schedule your first session.
We are happy to consider adding new events to our calendar. We also are willing to travel. Do you have a community outside our studio that you would like to share Harmony Health with? Talk with Catie and she will help plan an event for your group.

Time and Place

Monthly workshops are held regularly from 2:00-3:30pm.
Private sessions can be scheduled at a time that works with your schedule and will last 60-90 minutes.


Workshop & Special Event pricing varies based on length of workshop and topics covered. Members recieve a 30% discount on all of our events. Events can be held at our Harmony Health studio location, The {Be} Studio location or off-site for corporate or community requests.

Become a Member

Unlimited Harmony Health studio class for just $90/month, no contract.
The {Be} Studio membership $125/month, no contract, for all classes at both locations.