Yoga Wheels

The wheel prop may very well be the best and most versatile yoga prop we have found to date! They are round and fit the contours of our bodies, they move in and out fluidly and are sturdy enough to hold up to 270 pounds.
Use the wheel prop to support your backbend and heart opening practice, add more to power poses like chair, warriors and planks, ignite inversions or ease your way into forward folds. Come and check them out for yourself, you will find that it is a “wheel” good time!

Yoga Wheels For Everyone

Breathe Life Yoga™ Wheel energizes your body, brain and soul, by giving great flexibility to the spine. Help strengthen back muscles as well as tone them for improved mobility and endurance. Massage and lengthen the spine, strengthen the shoulders, open hip flexors, allow more air into the lungs and strengthen core muscles groups. Great for a post workout muscle relaxer and aids with relief from an aching, stiff back. Enhances the nervous system by improving the flow and movement of hormones to keep you balanced and healthy. Improves respiratory system, which is great for those with asthma and other breathing issues.

Time and Place

Many of our classes will incorporate the wheels into the sequence.
We offer many opportunities to learn more about the yoga wheel prop. Join us for our Wheel Workshops to explore the possiblities.


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